Graduation Numeracy Assessment

On Wednesday January 23rd at 9am in Room 318 Grade 11 students are required to complete the Graduation Numeracy Assessment.

Completion of this assessment is a requirement of the new graduation program.

The Graduation Numeracy Assessment is based on mathematical concepts learned across multiple subjects from Kindergarten to Grade 12, with an emphasis on K-9. It requires students to solve problems by using the five numeracy processes (different ways of thinking and working) interpret, apply, solve, analyze and communicate.

Please visit the link below for a Parent brochure:

Also, more detailed information, including samples exams, videos, and other supports can be found at:

A parent’s guide to the B.C. Graduation Program (Grades 10-12)

A parent’s guide to the B.C. Graduation Program (Grades 10-12)

What’s happening?

British Columbia’s graduation program is changing. Our education system has been recognized internationally for its excellence and we can make it even better. The Ministry of Education has worked with educators, post-secondary institutions and employers to update the BC Graduation Program. The new program will help students develop their full potential and equip them with the skills they need to adapt and thrive well into the future.

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