Classroom Exam Dates

Please note the schedule for classroom exam dates below:

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 – Exam Day 1
8:50 – 12:15 Block A
1:15 – 3:25 Block B

Thursday, June 27, 2019 – Exam Day 2
8:50 – 12:15 Block C
1:15 – 3:25 Block D

If you have any questions about class exams, please email the teacher of the class


Thanks to a lot of hard work of students and staff, the garden project is well underway. After monthly meetings and an insightful design (thanks to Sonya Strang), the garden is receiving a massive overhaul so that it can be used as an amphitheatre, outdoor classroom, vegetable garden, Indigenous plant interpretative center and art show case area. The “heart of the school” is being transformed over the coming year. Ms. Sonja Strang and Mr. Howard Saunders kicked things off with a session with a backhoe. Come by for a visit and check out our plans and progress.

Thanks to the NISS PAC for your recent generous donation to help keep the plan alive.

We are accepting donations of money, plants, tools, and time to further develop this area. We are especially looking for donations of landscape fabric and landscape ties.

Mr. Dixon’s April Message


As sunshine finds the North Island, it means our school year end is rapidly approaching. All North Island Secondary School students have only ten weeks of school left this school year. It continues to be important that they attend all of their classes and complete all assignments, right up to the last day of classes on Thursday, June 27. Students should take every opportunity to achieve the learning outcomes of each class, so that they will be well prepared for the next school year.

Please feel free to contact your son or daughter’s teacher at any time for an update on their learning.

We also look forward to seeing many of you on the evening of Thursday, May 2 for our Parent Teacher Interviews & BBQ Open House at 4:30.

Enjoy the spring season.