GRADUATION NUMERACY ASSESSMENT (GNA) The Numeracy Assessment is a new provincial assessment and a graduation requirement for students. Students may take the assessment three times, and retain the best score (1 to 4). The result will appear as its own line on student transcripts. 

November 7, Grade 12 students will have the opportunity to re-take the test (or take it for the first time). Next January or June, all Grade 11s will take the test for their first attempt at the end of their math course. How will it work?

The assessment itself is delivered online and has three essential components:

•Common component: 24 questions answered online by all students •Student-choice component: 2 long-answer questions answered on paper. These questions stem out of the information and work the student will have completed in the common component. Students get to pick 2 of 4 possible questions, based on their interest, and take their analysis deeper.

•Self-reflection component: answered online (not marked) There are also pre-assessment activities available for stu-dents to explore ahead of time and activate their thinking, such as the sample assessment and the collaborative-learning videos explaining the five numeracy processes students will use in the Numeracy Assessment.

Please visit the following link for more information, videos, and online sample exams :